The Evolution of Snow Sports

The next phase of technology driven exhibits coming to the Alf Engen Ski Museum—featuring interactive displays that engage and educate visitors on the history and evolution of snow sports.

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The Alf Engen Ski Museum Foundation's mission is to preserve the rich history of skiing in the Intermountain Region by providing a world-class facility which highlights the many contributions made in ski area development, athletic competition, snow safety, ski innovation and ski teaching methods.

In order to accomplish this mission we have been working to continually develop and update our exhibits and educational content. What you see here is the next phase of exhibits we will be putting in to place in the near future. These conceptual designs reflect the future of our museum and the educational content we look forward to developing in persuit of our mission.

As a non-profit organization the Alf Engen Ski Museum Foundation relies on benefactors and donors to help with this continued development. As we move forward with this next stage we look to those who can help us with our mission and contribute to the future of the museum.

Interactive Exhibits in Development

Multitouch Table

This interactive multitouch table allows several visitors to interact and engage with multimedia content at the same time. Through intuitive gestures, like those used on mobile devices, users can swipe through information, historical timelines, and content, pulling out photos and videos to learn more about any of the subjects presented. Users can zoom in on content, forward and rewind video, and share their findings with others at the table. This experience becomes the data warehouse that stores and presents all of the information shown elsewhere in the museum and offers unlimited potential for adding content well into the future.

Wasatch Front Scale Model

This scale model of the Wasatch Front showcases the regions best ski resorts and provides information on not only their location, but their best features as well.

Projection mapping allows animated content to appear on the scale model and can be controlled using a series of buttons. Upon selection of a resort the visitor is presented with an animated visual showing the resort's ski boundaries, nearby back-country opportunities, and even the active lifts the resort has available.

Avalanche Interactive Story

An interactive avalanche story told through touchscreen gestures. Visitors simply swipe down to navigate through the content as the story unfolds through the use of animations, video, and text content.

The story will be developed to discuss avalanche conditions found in Utah, the story of locals who have first hand experience with avalanche dangers, and present safety information specific to our region. Creating an interactive experience blending the style of a long-form magazine article with animated infographics.

Avalanche Control
Interactive Game

This mini-game gives visitors a hands-on approach to avalanche conditions and the variables that lead to dangerous situations. Through the use of reflected holographic imagery users are presented a 3D mountain side, and by using the hardware controls, can manipulate the weather conditions. Levers let you adjust temperature, precipitation, and wind conditions in real-time, which all contribute to avalanche risk. This risk level is shown on a gauge allowing users to learn how adjusting these variables impacts those risks. The user can then trigger an avalanche control canon to test how likely their conditions are to create an avalanche.

Social Photobooth

The photo booth provides visitors the means to have their photo taken and then shared to their mobile device or through social media. Users can select from one of six different backgrounds which will replace the greenscreen. These can vary from shots from around the museum, on the ski jump, or at area attractions. Users can then select from animated overlays which will not only add museum branding, but fun and playful animations to the photos A series of photographs are taken and then compiled into an animated GIF, giving the users a short animation of their experience at the museum.

Previous Phases

Several phases of exhibit development have already been funded and installed in the last few years. Here's a look at some of the major additions we currently have in place.


This award winning exhibit features an amusement park inspired attraction that puts visitors right on the slopes. A ski lift chair mounted atop a motion base provides for a thrilling ride that matches the video projected on the large screen ahead. Fan generators and snow machines add to the immersive experience as visitors see and feel exactly what skiining on Utah's slopes is like.

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Another award winning exhibit, this time bringing the exhiliration and excitement of noridc ski jumping to museum visitors. Standing on a gimbaled platform visitors use their body and balance to control an in-game character in an immersive ski jumping simulator. Haptic feedback, wind generators, and social media integration makes for an educational and fun experience visitors love to talk about.

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An educational and technology driven experience where visitors learn about Utah's world renowned snow. Interactive consoles and touchscreens allow visitors to navigate through the experiences as they learn all of the secrets to Utah powder and how the state's unique climate and geology help to form one of its best assets.

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